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Wishes Granted

Tristan's Wish To Have... A Room Makeover

Tristan is a 5 year old boy who suffers from a rare condition called glucose deficiency disorder. When we first met this little man his smile melted our hearts. His wish was set in stone he wanted a very bright yellow room with whales. His wish was our command!

We had the fine people of Dulux Paint come volunteer to paint his room prior to the wish day. On Oct 18th it was game time we had 4 volunteers from Dymon Storage come help transform Tristan bedroom to a bright yellow whale oasis!

The team worked non-stop for almost 12 hours to make Tristan’s room magical. The look on Tristan's face when he saw was worth a million words!

"I do not know how to begin to thank you for the joy you have given to Tristan. This is a child who never asks for much, and when he asked for his yellow room with whales, I could not do what he was seeing in his heart. But you succeeded in giving him his dream actually you gave him more than what he had dreamt! He will not leave his room and he always says "yellow yellow" so we bring him back to his room so he can play and watch. Tristan has gone through things that children should not face. He never gives us any trouble he always gives us his beautiful smile even during his most difficult days, we almost lost a few times. But with your efforts and those of your colleagues, his Wish Day was just for him - just to make him happy child. That day gave him hope that the dreams can become reality. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Thank you Make-A-Wish, Dulux Paint, Dymon Storage and Sony and Special thank you Tysen's Mission to a Million who adopted Tristan's wish. Together we made this whale lover's wish come true!



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