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Wishes Granted

Denis' Wish To Have... A Car Makeover!

It was hard to tell which shone more brightly Denis' newly painted car, or the young man's smile.

Denis is a 17-year-old with a life-threatening pancreatic disorder. He got his first glimpse of his 1996 BMW 318is, given a four-month makeover through Make-A-Wish Eastern Ontario, at Lou's FixAuto in Chelmsford on Saturday December 13.

"I'm speechless," Denis beamed. "I love it. It's just amazing, what they've done here. "It looks completely different. It didn't even move out of my driveway when I first got it. It didn't even start."

Denis' condition is an autoimmune disease, which causes his body's immune system to attack and destroy healthy cells by mistake. "I have organ failure," Denis said. "It's pretty rough. It's trying to get through it. "This makes helps, though. This helps a lot."

Thank you to FixAuto who made this makeover happen with over 200 hours of volunteer work. They took the car apart, changed the bumpers and headlights, put new tires and rims on it, added a carbon fibre wrap, shark-fin antenna, spoiler and new taillights, retinted the windows and installed a new stereo, then gave it a new paint job.

Denis' father, was as impressed as his son. "This is awesome," father said. "My son loves this thing to death. He has been sitting on this car for a year and finally, it's just about ready for the road. He has been so down, but now this is going to bring him back up."

"I appreciate it," he said. "You've really changed my life with this." Said Denis Thank you Make-A-Wish, FixAuto, all the volunteers and Tysen's Mission to a Million for adopting Denis' wish!



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